Animation Reel

Character Animation Reel

Download flv [5.53 MB] mov [98.9 MB] wmv [39.1 MB] Animation Reel Breakdown

This is my Character Animation reel. I modeled, textured and rigged every character in this reel as well.

Storyboarding Example

Melusina: The Mermaid's Tale Animatic

Download flv [49.4 MB] mov [629 MB] wmv [165 MB]

This animatic is something I'm very proud of because I left my original prints with Professor Love at AiP when I attended the ground school and I've heard from others who have attended that she still uses it as an example of an "A" project.

This is a recut, with music by Kevin MacLeod downloaded from, the voice of Siegfried is my brother Mike Nemes, and the other voice is my own, digitally adjusted in Adobe Audition to sound male. For the original I had to use my brother for both voices and, despite Mike's efforts to differentiate, the characters sounded too much alike.

*Notice: This file is larger than my usual files and may take a few minutes to download.*

Click here to see the Melusina Storyboards.

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